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    Name: Jeongeup Market 1 (Old Market). Type: Permanent Market
    Location: 409-80 Sigi-dong, Jeongeup, Jeonbuk
    Number of Shops: 434 kans (35 buildings)
    Lot Area: 21,458㎡
    Fenced Area: 10,739㎡
    Contact: Jeongeup Market 1 Inc. (063-535-9663)
    Main Specialties: Agricultural and livestock products, marine products, dried fish, drapery, garments, silk, sundry goods, etc.
    Market Opening Days: Every 2nd, 7th, 12th, 17th, 22nd, and 27th of the month
    Origins:This market has a long history. It first opened in the 1910's. The market is open every five days, with some sections open every day. This market retains its original commercial power and has an enormous influence over the regional population. People from Jeongeup, Gochang, Buan, Sunchang, and parts of Jeonnam all shop here. Modernization of the market was completed in 1978, and it retains that design to this day.
    Characteristics: Agricultural, livestock, and marine products as well as all kinds of industrial products, including garments and shoes are traded here. A small-scale livestock market is open every day. You can also find traditional sections of the market, trading silk, pottery, and the drums of Seo Namgyu. Provincial intangible cultural assets are also found here.
    Transport: From Jeongeup Bus Terminal, local buses operate on Cheonbyeon road. Disembark at the bus stop near Sigi Police Station. If you are driving, park at the Cheonbyeon Parking Lot.