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Convenient Transportation Infrastructure
  • · Jeongeup, equipped with all the investment conditions such as geographical benefits, convenient transportation infrastructure, and stable culture between labor and management, has been waiting for investors. Experience successful investment in the shortcut to successful investment and the land of opportunity, Jeongeup.
  • · KTX Station (Seoul 1 and 20 min., Gwangju 30 min.) Honam Highway I.C. (Jeongeup, Taein, Naejangsan), National Road 1, West Coast Highway I.C. (Julpo, Seonunsa)
  • · Nearby Gunsan Airport (40 min.) and Gwangju Airport (30 min.) Gunsan Port (50km) and new Saemangeum port (40km) make it possible to reach sea routes.
Attractive Investment Environment

Regional Characteristics

  • · Central City of the Southwestern Area of Jeollabuk-do (Gochang, Buan, Gimje)
  • · Tourist City with Tourist Attractions such as Mt. Naejang's Autumn Leaves and Ogjeong Lake
  • · Cultural and Artistic City of Donghak Peasants Revolution, Jeongeupsa(old love story), Sangchungok(oldest lyrics), and Honam Udo Nongak(traditional farmers music / band)
  • · High-tech Science and Industrial City in which 3 National Research Institutes are activated

Stable Relationships between Labor and Management(Jeollabuk-do)

  • · The First Declaration of the Harmony between Labor and Management for the Industrial Peace (11, 2006)
    - Labor and Management becomes one through Harmony
  • · Operating Advisors for Harmony between Labor and Management (Private Adjustment System)
  • · Establishing a Regular Forum and Network between Labor and Management to Create a Win-Win for Labor and Management
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One-stop Administrative Service

  • ·Managing Customized Task Force Team between Institutes and Administration to Draw Enterprises
  • · Running 24 Hour Civil Consultation Center for Solving Difficulties of Enterprises
  • · One-stop Support from Moving to Breaking Ground