Jeongeup Indoor Gym

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Jeongeup Indoor Gyms

Establisher/Operator Culture and Sports Department of Jeongeup-si
Size Land 4,281§³ Floorage 2,440§³ Square 1,481§³.
Main Facilities Stadium, Waiting Rooms for Players, Change Room, Projection Room Floor of Stadium 660§³, Seats 1,236, Stage 83§³ 90 of Parking Lots
Capacity 3,000 people
Main Functions Various Sports Game, Facilities for Sports for All, Performance, Events, Movies, various exhibitions
Transportation It takes five minutes from Jeongeup Terminal on foot (Beside KEPCO)
Process of Applying for Usage The 3 Amendment of clause of Sports Facilities Operation and Management of Jeongeup-si
1.Those who like to use sports facilities without share:
You can use after applying three days before and get an allowance.
2. Those who like to use sports facilities:
You can use with charge.
*Acceptance of Application : Sports Facilities Team in Culture and Sports Department (in the National Sports of All Center)