Brief History of Jeongeup

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General Status of Sister City
Area & Populationr 11,258㎢ / 8,594,000
Location 116°2"E N.L. 34°16"M (Bordered by Sangdong, Hanam, and Anjang).
History The origin of Korean culture, the capital of Song and Cho during the Age of the Warring States.
Climate Continental seasonal climate: annual average 14 / Annual rainfall 900mm
Administrative Units 1 City, 2 Hyeon-Cities, 4 Hyeons, 5 Gu, 133 Hyangs, 50 Jins, 3,093 Hos
ndustrial Structure Primary 26.6% / Secondary 49.6% / Tertiary 23.8%
Main Industries Heavy industry, tourism, electronics, chemical, coal, construction materials, silk weaving industry, food etc
Cultural Facilities 7 libraries, 9 museums
Educational Facilities 1 university, 53 high schools, 639 middle schools, 3,390 elementary schools.
Course of Establishing Sister Relationship
1994.08.28 Jeongeup sent a delegation to the city (Deputy Mayor and six others) and delivered the intention of exchanging friendship.
1995.04.25 Xuzhou City Delegation's visit (Wang Ongyeong and 180 others) to improve friendliness and industrial inspections.
1996.03.19 Jeongeup City Delegation's visit (the Mayor and nine others) and the exchange of a friendship agreement.
1996.06.08 The 16th assembly report (Establishment of Sisterhood).
1996.12.10 Xuzhou City Delegation's visit (the Mayor and eight others). Presentation of exchange business and investment for businesspeople.
1997.08.16 Sponsor's approval (Establishment of Sisterhood).
1998.09.15 Xuzhou City Delegation's visit (the Mayor and eight others). Presentation of exchange business and investment for businesspeople.
1998.11.05 Visit of Jeongeup businesspeople (Lee Gwangjong and 13 others) for economic exchange discussions.
1999.06.05 Approval of Chinese Central Government (Establishment of Sisterhood).
1999.10.28 Xuzhou City Delegation's visit (Ryo Munjae and four others).
2000.04.24 Xuzhou City Civil Servants Training (Lee Youngsil of External Affairs Department, K2H Program (Internationalization Foundation)) (April 24th to October 24th).
2000.06.01 Chinese lessons for Civil Servants (Mon~Fri 17:00~18:00 for 73 people from June 1st to October 20th).
2000.09.25 Jeongeup City Delegation's visit for Sisterhood Agreement Signing (Sisterhood Committee: The Mayor and nine others, Delegation of Commerce: six).
With the Sisterhood Agreement signed, they presented themselves at the Sister City Convention (September 25th to October 1st).
2001.03.18 Dongsin Elementary School Delegation's visit (Headmaster, Operation Committee, the Chairman of the Operation Committee, Teachers).
Sisterhood discussions between Jungsan Elementary Schools
(March 18th to March 21st).
2001.06.07 Lifetime University Delegation's visit (Headmaster, Administrator, Library Manager, Manager of the Elementary Department, The High School Dean). (June 7th to June 10th).
2001.06.15 Homestay at Dongsin Elementary School (Deputy Headmaster, four teachers, 30 students (22 boys, 8 girls)). (June 15th to June 21st).
2001.09.04 Visit by Xuzhou City Education Delegation (Xuzhou City's Civil Servant in charge of Education, two Headmasters, Art Center, Healthcare Center, Welfare Center for the Handicapped, Suweon Samsung Electronics). (September 4th to September 6th)
2001.10.11 Xuzhou City Sports Delegation visit. (The Chief of Xuzhou City Sports Department and four others (3 men, 2 women), Art Center, Healthcare Center, Hwangtohyeon, Mt. Naejang, training center etc).
2001.12.27 Xuzhou City Delegation Visit (5 including people’s representatives and vice chairman, The Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Environmental business places)
2002.03.11 Jeongeup City Sports Delegation Visit – Physical Education Exchange Association (6 including head of Somatology Association)
2002.03.17 Jeongeup City Assembly delegation Visit (21 including commissioners)
2002.07.18 Chinese Students’ Homestay in Jeongeup – 6 teachers, 24 students(Forest Museum, Everland)
2002.07.29 Jeongeup Students’ Homestay in China – 6 teachers, 24 students
2003.11.10 Xuzhou City Delegation Visit – 9 including Mayor (Gwangwang iron manufacturer, LG electric wire)
2004.01.05 Xuzhou City Sports Delegation Visit organized by Jeongeup Newspaper
2004.04.26 Jeongeup City Civil Servants long-term Training – Xuzhou City Foreign Official affairs office(Ki Dong Si, Soo Jin Park)
2005.09.28 Economy and Technology group Visit (8 including Dongwha Oh, vice-president of Jiangsu Province, Naejang Mountain)
2005.11.24 Xuzhou City delegation Visit ( 4 including GongbangChun, Vice-president), Assembly, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, JungBuk Science University
2006.03.19 Jiangsu Province Agricultural Delegation Visit (12 including director of Agriculture and Forestry, Paprika greenhouse, TMR stock feed factory)
2007.05.28 Susung Elementary School Delegation Visit, Establishment of Sisterhood (Xushou City Youth Noso School)
2007.08.10 Homestay of Xuzhou City Youth Noso School Delegation in Jeongeup City (35 people)
2008.09.06 Homestay of Xuzhou City Youth Noso School Delegation in Jeongeup City (27 people)