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Guide of Government Building in Main Building
Distinction Floors Names of Offices
Main Office 1st Mayor’s Room, , The section of welfare and gender equality, The section of audit and assessing, Jeonbuk Bank, Residents information Room, A Guardroom, Shoe mending 2nf office: Staff dining Hall
2nd Deputy Mayor’s Room, The section of culture and arts(Culture Administration Bureau Director’s Room ), The section of education and athletics , Visual Image Conference room, Administration Information room, Office of the Ombudsman
2nd office :T he section of people’s livelihood and economy(The department of green city Bureau Director’s Room)
3rd The section of planning and budget, The section of administration and supports, Briefing Room, Environment Management Department, the semi meeting room
2nd office: The section of administration and supports, Tthe section of high-tech industries
4th Accounting Department, The section of tourism industry, IT Department, Data Processing Room, Communication Room, Taxation Data Processing Room
5th Large Conference Room, Green Forest Department, Civil Workers’ Union, Samgoal Book Room