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We sincerely welcome you to the Jeongeup City website

Jeongeup is where the Sangchungok, the first form of Joseon era’s gasa literature, was created.
It is also where the Gapo Donghak Revolution, a major event of modern history, took place.
Jeongeup is also the nation’s number 1 fall foliage district and is renowned for its beauty.
Jeongeup has many development potential and resources.
It has the nation’s best fall foliage, abundant cultural heritages, three government-run research institutions including a radiation laboratory, the best traffic net in the southwest Jeonbuk region, and vast areas of agricultural land.

Until now these potentials were not developed or made into cultural assets, but now Jeongeup will innovate through new ideas, new strategies and plans, and a new blue ocean strategy.

We will make a“Proud Jeongeup, where the people are happy” by opening a new era of local autonomy in which anyone is welcome to participate in administration and create policies together, and also by demonstrating a leadership that emphasizes communication and principle.  

Let’s all join together to create a Jeongeup society in which common sense works and the principle is met, so that we can build trust and hope. Please do not hesitate to give us constructive opinions.
We will devote our knowledge and energy and boldly take a step forward for Jeongeup’s future.
A new breeze of growth is blowing in Jeongeup. We hope you can feel the hope for a brighter future here.