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City Flag of Jeongeup

  • Jeongeupsi Logo
  • Overall Shape 01-A beautiful place, filled with colorful autumn leaves. 02-The symbolic images of pure and clean water-jeongeup. 03-The expression of Jeongeup’s vision for the future with a dynamic outlook
  • A region of beautiful autumn leaves,a dream tourist city, and origin of Donghak Farmer’s Revolution
  • The symbolic image of Jeongeup, the village of streams, the harmony and purity of nature
  • As the place of Wudo Nongak, it takes the shape of the paper ribbon of chaesangmo(a hat with a long ribbon attached to it)
  • Dynamic expression towards the hopefulness of the future, with harmony and unity

The Singificance of the City Colors

01_RED Symbolizes dreams, hopes, dongak, and the strong will of the citizens02_GREEN Symbolizes Jeongeup as an environmentally friendly, green-cultured city03_BLUE Symbolizes the hopefulfuture of a clean and pureJeongeup

The Significance of the Logo

LogoThe logo was developed to be simple, yet sophisticated, and to match with the city’s symbols.

The Symbols of Jeongeup

Flowers of the city : Siberian chrysanthemum,The flowers symbolize bright and graceful spirits of JeongeupTrees of the city : Maple,The trees symbolize eternal development of JeongeupBirds of the city : Mandarin Duck,The birds symbolize happiness of families of Jeongeup’s peoplePlanet of the city : Venus,The planet symbolizes dynamic Jeongeup which aims the city of astronomy and high-tech science