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Great Culture of Jeongeup and history tour!
Our city is a place of history with a great culture. Under beauty of nature by a famous mountain, Naejang, faithfulness of Jeongeupsa, a song of Baekje, is admired and continuing the spirit of Donghak Farming Revolution, against immorality.

Ancient Times
  Chosandobiri Country and Gobiri Country of Mahan has been located.
  Installation of Baekje's Jeongchong-hyeon, Daesisan-gun, and Gosaburi-gun.
636 In 37th Year of Baekje's King Mu, Yeongeunjosa built Yeongeunsa Temple (Naejangsa Temple).
757 In 16th year of Silla's King Gyeongdeok, the name of Jeongchon-hyeon has been changed to Jeongeup-hyeon and became Yeonghyeon of Taesan-gun.
936 In 19th Year of King Taejo, District Government has been installed in district area of Gobu-gun.
951 In the 2nd Year of Gwangjong, the name has been changed to Annamdohobu.
1019 In the 10th year of King Hyeonjong, it has been restored to Gobu-gun.
1235 In the 22nd year of Gojong, loyal soldiers like Gong-Ryeol Jeon has been set to prepare for invasion of Mongolian.
1421 In the 3rd year of King Sejong, Angi built Taein shrine and School
1589 In the 22nd years of King Seonjo, Sun-Shin Lee has been appointed as the early hyeongam (a kind of high position by government) of Jeongeup-hyeon.
1593 In the 26th year of King Seonjo, Ipam Castle Wall has built.
1689 In the 15th year of King Sukjong, Si-Yeol Song got a deadly drug while being sent under escort.
1728 In the 4th year of King Yeongjo, Pil-Hyeon Park, Hyeongam of Taein, had been participated in Rebellion of In-Jwa Lee but got suppressed soon.
Recent Times
1894 In the 31st year of King Gojong, Byeong-Gap Jo, a headman of Gobu-gun, had gotten tyrannized and Gobu Farmers got upset. Later Donghak Farming Rebelion occurred based on it.
1897 It has been elevated to Jeongeup-gun.
1906 Byeong-Chan Lim worked as a royal soldier with Ik-Hyeon Choi in Sunchang.
1919 On March 14th, the Samil Independence Movement has been operated in Taein area.
1931 Jeongeup-myeon has been elevated to Jeongju-eup.
1940 Sintaein -myeon elevated to eup.
Modern Ages
1976 In Jeongju-eup, local offices has been installed in east, west, and south parts.
1981 Jeongju-eup has been elevated to Jeongju-si(City)
1983 Some parts of Najang-myeon and parts of Soseong-myeon, Deokcheon-myeon, Buk-myeon have been consolidated in Jeongju-si.
1995 Based on consolidation of sis and guns, the name has been changed to Jeongeup-si.